Feyachi LF-38 Red Laser Flashlight Combo 200 Lumen Weapon Light with Picatinny Rail Mount

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Extra bright 200 lumens torch and 650nm la-ser combo.Tactical-level output with Total Internal Reflection lens for close- to longer-range applications.

Long distance red dot la-ser sight, clear and extra bright laser beam. Dot la-ser daylight as 20-200 yard, can be reach 300 yard at night.

Built in rail mount allows the La-ser/Flashlight Combo easily detached from standard size handgun/rifle with weaver/picatinny rails.

Three different target acquisition methods: 200 Lumen flashlight, laser, and flashlight and laser together. Easy toggle switches between pinpointing or disorienting your focused target.

Made of aircraft aluminum with a black finish;impact-resistant polymer;shockproof and tear resistant, weatherproof-O-ring and gasket sealed.






Feyachi LF-38 La-ser Flaslight Combo

  • Made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy, lightweight and solid construction.

  • 200LM Bright CREE LED

  • Red la-ser with precise windage and elevation adjustments.

  • Easy switch between different modes - flashlight only, laser only, flashlight & laser.

  • Fits Most full size handguns with Rail Mounts. DOES NOT FIT COMPACT/SUBCOMPACT MODELS


3 Modes

  • Las-er Only

  • Light Only

  • La-ser & Flashlight


  • Finish:Aircraft Aluminum with Black Matte

  • La-ser class: IIIA

  • Wavelength: 650nm

  • LED Bulb Lumen: 200 Lumens

  • Output:5 mW

  • Attachment/Mount Type: Picatinny, Weaver

  • Range of Laser: Up to 300yard at night

  • Battery Type: CR123A

Battery Installation


1. Place the batteries inside the Battery Housing. Make sure the positive and negative are in correct position.


2. Place the switch on the position as shown on the Pic. Put the top part of the switch into the right position first then push the whole switch in.


3. Push the locking clamp, make sure to push the middle part of the clamp. Otherwise it would be very difficult to lock the clamp.

Inside the Box

1 x LF-38 La-ser Flashlight

2 x CR123A Batteries

2 x Allen Wrench


The small adjustment hole on the top is for elevation adjustment(adjust up/down). The other one on the side is for windage adjustment(right/ left).

The small wrench is for Elevation/Windage adjustment, the other one is for installation.


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